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robert fairhurst
If I may make my comments on AMBASSADOR ELENI KOUNALAKIS ON HER YEARS IN HUNGARY, PART III: “….Others correctly pointed out that no country has the right to tell another one what to do and what not to do…” » This is not entirely true… It would be valid only if the countries involved are true democracies. “…The blame, these people argued, lies with the Hungarian electorate that handed Fidesz a super-majority, which enabled Viktor Orbán to enact about 700 laws in the course of four years. Most of these laws chipped away at the democratic achievements of Hungarian lawmakers between 1990 and 2010…” » Thus the blame cannot be put at the feet of the Hungarian electorate, as all democratic means to change the regime were taken away… “…Admittedly, Brussels could have been more forceful when it came to the generous subsidies that ended up in the pockets of Viktor Orbán’s oligarchs. In fact, in large measure it was the European Union that kept Viktor Orbán in power over the past five years…” » So again, if the US and the EU new all about the deeds of the Orban regime why indeed provided, and still providing, the financial… Read more »
I agree with your analysis, on the whole, and I think what you say is very important. I was talking to a friend the other day, about how Hungary is on the brink of being (quite rightly) ousted from the EU. And why? Because of the double-edged problem here, as you have observed. It’s not just that we have a megalomaniac PM – the likes of him will always be around, like Hitler, Hussein, Amin, to name a few from elsewhere – but there is something intrinsically at odds about Hungarians, regarding democracy. When Kertész Imre, nobel prize winning author of “Fateless”, was interviewed by La Monde a few years ago, he observed that Hungarians have always been torn about whether they belong to the East, or to the West and as a consequence, have always suffered from confused values. So no wonder they don’t understand what democracy means, even those who are educated citizens and have travelled and lived in the West. This conflicted value syndrome runs deep here. And now I think the EU is beginning to understand this problem, and that even when Orbán will no longer be the PM (let’s hope that happens soon) the mentality… Read more »
Kmetty Geza

Russia want to deliver weapons to Mexican/Texan separatists if US will send weapons to Ukraine.

Received this news item from Hungary:

A Kelet-Nyugat szembenállás újabb frontjaként Moszkva támogatja Texas függetlenségi mozgalmát.

Ha Washington még több fegyvert szállít Ukrajnának, akkor a Kreml modern fegyvereket fog leszállítani mexikói gerilláknak.

De mi köze Texasnak az Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia bukásához?


I read few articles and few comments on this site , saidly is very one sided and have the filling that most of these people who think they are so smart on they comment would like Hungary as a nation to be wiped out by the liberal Gyurcsany group fonded by The Soros Machine. Unfortunately no politician is able in the world to resolve everybody’s issue , one thing for shure if you are a patriot today you are number one enemy for the brainwashed multicultural media bull what will self distroy with time the european culture and with time maybe the american as well. The ideological politicians in europe paid of by the globalist they are not in the best interest of they own nation and if somebody try to do something diferent gets demonized by the rest. It is tipical in the western world when even saying the thruth if does not serve the agenda of the Big Family then you are not serving the system so you are no good . I wonder who is writting these columns from where they get they funds and when they look in the miror what they think about them self.… Read more »
A. S. Szollosy

That is the shame, that Sandor is also Hungarian.


The new format–last is first–destroys the logical development of bloggers’ comments.

Bende Károly

Hello! Even the Austrian court ruled for correction on this matter http://hungarianspectrum.org/tag/martin-schulz/ maybe you should do some corrections also. The photo you have attached to the article is misleading, because it is not true. No such thing happened. This is what happened: https://youtu.be/j0oxkS6F_hw If you want your readers to believe that you are trustworthy – just to say: your article is totally based on misleading lies – you will admit that you have posted an image that was taken and spread only for manipulation. Waiting for your correction.
Thank you! Karoly


I do not understand in what context you are posting the train track protest you tube video?

But in any case, here is another video, which shows clearly the charming manners of Fidesz supporitng Hungarians-

Honest Spectator

Hi all
Your Media is as biased as all the others. Why do you all want to play ‘follow the others” when you should start your own Independence. Do not sell off your assets because the Press and others want you too. Keep as much as possible for your own Independence, as otherwise your country will not be an Independent country, but ruled by whosoever has gained control of all your assets.
Think of your Country first. You paid your taxes, you do not owe anyone else anything. Whoever disagrees with you on the above is trying to cheat you and steal from you.
If you disagree with the agricultural sectors management, try co-operatives.
Always remember that your citizens paid their taxes fairly, they should not be deprived of their taxes in the future for their own benefits – by people who are just stirring the pot


As an italian with hungarian relatives i’m curious about your country and i find a lot of similarities with the iitalian present situation nd common problems.
I try to refer to real data as far as possible. I believe there is little point in being too emotional about your and our situation but discussing can help a lot.

As an example :Reporters sans frontieres ranks hungary well before italy in freedom of the press.
This surprised me but looking at the italian side it seems logical.


“For him, the dates 1956, 1989, and 2016 reveal a pattern: Hungary becomes an important player on the world stage every 30 years or so. His closing the borders of the country in 2016 can be compared in significance to the revolution of 1956 or the end of the one-party system in 1989. ” I DO NOT KNOW MUCH ABOUT HUNGARIAN POLITICS AND VIKTOR ORBAN SINCE I DEFECTED 33 YEARS AGO. HOWEVER, ORBAN’S DECISION TO CLOSE THE BORDER WAS A HISTORICAL MOMENT AND FUTURE HISTORIANS WILL REMEMBER THIS. THIS IS INDEED AS SIGNIFICANT AS 1989. ORBAN SEAS THE REFUGEE CRISIS AS IT IS: AN EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO EUROPE. IN THIS, HE IS RIGHT.

Oliver A. I. Botar

I was interested in your response to my comment (penned long, long ago, when I was still a student!) that Hungary could ill-afford the rise of Protestantism in the early 16th century was a comment made from a Catholic perspective. While I did grow up Catholic (in Edmonton, Alberta — but in a family with a long-standing Unitarian tradition), I was not suggesting that the Reformation was a bad thing, merely that internal divisions (of any kind, really), were not to Hungary’s advantage at the time. I think this is an obvious enough position to take. In fact, I believed at the time (the early 1980s), and still believe, that Hungary’s religious diversity, indeed complexity is one of the culture’s saving graces, for it has worked against a monolithic religious, and therefore political culture. Ethnocentrism, nationalism and xenophobia are strong enough forces pushing Hungary in a mono-cultural direction.

mary laczko

Please look for genes that hungarians have that other europeans don’t. It will tell you nothing to see what genes Hungarians have in common with others.