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Eva S. Balogh interview with Benjamin Novak

I’m afraid this is a bit old. It was recorded on September 29, 2015, shortly after the Röszke incident on the Serb-Hungarian border. The reason for the delay was difficulties encountered with the placement of the subtitles. Click on cc to get the English subtitles.

Interviews with Kim Scheppele, András Simonyi, R. Daniel Kelemen, and Edit Frenyó

Richard Field and Ben Novak of Budapest Beacon visited the United States recently and recorded several interviews with experts on Hungarian affairs. Here I am making available four interviews that I believe readers of Hungarian Spectrum will find interesting and constructive.

Our friend and contributor Professor Kim Lane Scheppele of Princeton University talks about how Viktor Orbán is using the refugee crisis as a pretext for turning Hungary into a police state. Kim Scheppele’s interview is followed by one with András Simonyi, Hungary’s former ambassador to NATO and the United States. Professor R. Daniel Kelemen of Rutgers University, who is an expert on the politics and law of the European Union, talks about the relations of the European People’s Party with Viktor Orbán. And finally, there is an interview with Edit Frenyó, a PhD. candidate at Georgetown University, who talks about her experiences as a Migration Aid volunteer at the Keleti Railway Station.